Quality Control and Warranties – We admit it, we love data.  With chemists and engineers in our team, it’s hard for us to do too much without a solid process and a way to measure it.  We strive to be the leader in product testing and quality assurance through regular pump calibrations, pull-through testing, break resistance, and other proprietary tests developed by the Proxy Team. If any hold is received by a customer that has defects in materials or workmanship, we’ll immediately replace them at our cost.

Guaranteed Turnaround – Quick order fulfillment makes for happy customers, which are return customers.  Since we only make money when you do, we’re very motivated to keep your customers happy.  We know it’s disappointing to order some holds and have to wait weeks for them to arrive.  For example, orders under $250 are guaranteed to ship in two business days.

Liability Protection – Some say there are two types of businesses – those that have been sued and those that will be.  When it comes to climbing holds, broken holds are a major liability.  A jug breaking 40ft off the deck in a gym full of people can cause major injury and even death, and likely result in a costly lawsuit and insurance claim.  For this reason, strict quality control and liability protections are critical.  For additional peace of mind, all of our clients are covered as Additionally Insured under our product liability insurance.